For Book Clubs

Discussion Questions

Justice Murthy

1) Was the Judge justified in his anger towards Roxanna Esmond, the Boylston Burrito Manager?

2) When Kelly Golden refuses to take the Judge’s case, why does Justice Murthy think “In the cold glare of the Boston sun, my old life disappeared?”

Lakshmi and the Librarian

3) After hearing about Mr. Filian’s relationship with his mother, Lakshmi thinks “How much trouble these Americans have with family ties!” How might her views have changed by the end of the story?

4) Why does Lakshmi wear western style clothing for the first time?

The Validity of Love

5) Why does Lata cut her hair so short?

6) Why is Luke more accepting of Su’s marriage than Lata is?


7) When Arundhati first arrives at her son’s home, “it was the grandson, the one who would carry on her husband’s name, whom she most longed for.” But by the end of story, she realizes with surprise that “she cared what Tara and Rani thought of her.” What accounts for this change?

8) What might the gold Bangles symbolize for Arundhati?


9) How does Shankar’s commitment to saving the downtown birds assist him in making a home for himself in the United States?

10) Prakash sponsored Shankar for a greencard and Shankar moved to the United States. He thinks, “Who would not, if given the opportunity?” But did Shankar really want to move to the US?


11) What does Uma’s experience in India mean for her relationship with Karl? Will it help or hinder it?

Lord Krishna

12) Why does Krishna forgive his teacher, even if Hoffman’s apology might not be sincere?


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